White Gesso Branch Chandelier

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Modern Rose Gold Pendant Light Fixture, Coastal & High Rise, Pendant Light

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Contemporary Crystal Table Lamp | Coastal & High-Rise

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Clamshell-Inspired Coastal Wall Mirror, Coastal & High Rise, Round Mirror

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Natural-Horned Large Foyer Mirror, Coastal & High Rise, Rectangle Mirror

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Round Gold Mirror Serving Tray, Coastal & High Rise, Trays

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How to Hang a Heavy Mirror

How to Hang a Heavy Mirror Hanging a heavy mirror can be tricky. One wrong move and you can unwillingly smash your beautiful mirror to pieces. It is strongly recommended that you hire a professional to hang your heavy mirror but here's a video that will help you to install your mirror

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4 Natural & Effective Ways to Get Rid of Flies in the Home or Outdoors

4 Natural & Effective Ways to Get Rid of Flies in the Home or Outdoors Hello Summer! The season for warm weather, cool breeze, barbecues, fun times....and flies. Yes...FLIES! These pesky flies can make you uncomfortable in your beautiful home. According to the World Health Organization ("WHO"), flies are carriers of diarrhoeal diseases, skin and eye infections so taking the necessary precautions can keep your family safe and healthy, and your restaurant, the place to eat. Below is a chart that will help you to identify and get rid of common invaders:

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How to create the perfect ambiance by choosing the right color temperature

How to create the perfect ambiance by choosing the right color temperature Are you frustrated with shopping for light fixtures? You have probably spent all day trying to understand whether or not you need warm lighting or cool lighting? Do not worry! We have got you covered.

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Contemporary Coastal Décor

A thoughtfully styled living space can reflect and enhance the natural beauty found in the surrounding environment. By tastefully incorporating the organic elements found in your outdoor setting, you can create a heightened and harmonious interior design for your home. Focusing on contemporary coastal décor, Coastal & High-Rise has assembled a high-end showcase of home fixtures and costal furnishings perfect for establishing an aesthetic connection between your home and your shoreline. From chandeliers and pendant lights to accent mirrors and serving trays, each item has been handcrafted to ensure a superior and lasting quality. Most of these items also incorporate natural organic elements in their design, including shells, pearls, precious stones, and shagreen. If you have any questions about our selection of coastal furnishings and fixtures, please contact a customer support specialist at (863) 252-6517, or send an email to info@coastalhighrise.com.The show-stopping element to complete your contemporary coastal décor awaits!