A pleasingly-designed home is able to tie in natural elements from your outdoor surroundings to establish a cohesive atmosphere for you and your guests to enjoy. Coastal & High-Rise has carefully assembled a modern coastal collection of home goods to provide the key touches necessary to achieve the modern coastal décor you’ve envisioned. Handcrafted to ensure high-end quality, most of our items have also been designed to incorporate natural, organic elements to further exude a coastal connection, including shells, pearls, and precious stones. Every chandelier, wall mirror, and decorative tray makes a statement and is sure to imbue your space with a tasteful and refreshing seashore atmosphere. Our selection of modern coastal décor sets the right tone for your shoreline home. If you have any questions about our modern coastal collection of home goods, please reach out to a customer service specialist by phone at (863) 252-6517, or by email at

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