Contemporary Coastal Pendant Light Fixtures

Adorn your seaside home with our line of contemporary coastal pendant light fixtures and borrow from the natural beauty found in your immediate surroundings. Choosing to incorporate exterior elements into your interior design creates a wonderful flow that breathes a sense of calm and cohesion. A well-designed living space is one that complements its natural surroundings, and our contemporary pendant light fixtures allow you to both preserve this connectivity with nature and express your personal style in a tasteful and timeless manner. A variety of models are available, including white and gold frangipani flower pendants, modern rose-gold orbs, and white acrylic firefly tree branches. Each coastal pendant light fixture is handmade to guarantee lasting quality and flawless design, and we ship every item free of charge. For any questions relating to our line of contemporary pendant light fixtures, please feel free to contact us by phone at (863) 252-6517 or via email at