According to the Kuotes' research on decorating rooms, the cost to redecorate:

  1. A Standard Living Room (excl. Chandeliers) is $12, 000
  2. A Standard Dining Room (excl. Chandeliers) is $10, 600
  3. A Standard Bedroom (excl. Chandeliers) is $9, 200

That is quite the price to pay for a face lift when your existing furniture are in GOOD condition and might only need to be re-upholstered or painted in a new color or be accessorized with dramatic chandeliers or light fixtures. Of the three quick and inexpensive fixes, nothing instantly transforms your space like a unique piece of chandelier. Chandeliers act as a face lift to your existing furniture. Whether it is modern, contemporary, rustic or traditional, chandeliers complement your style and brighten up your space.

Here are two photos; a dining room before and after a chandelier has been installed.

Before Installation

After Installation

There are a plethora of lighting fixtures but the key is to find one or more that do(es) the following:

  1. Complement(s) your style and character,
  2. Complement(s) your furniture and home decor, 
  3. Provide(s) sufficient lighting and has great functionality, and
  4. Safe to install. Keep in mind the structural design of the home
  5. Not only will you have bright lights and an eye catching piece, you will  be saving tons of $$$ by sticking to your original furniture and decor.

Best of luck with your renovation! Thanks for reading!

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