Would you leave home without carefully selecting the right lipstick or jewelry or watch to go with your outfit? Most likely No. Why? Because those items add the perfect finishing touches to any outfit. So, why would you not give the same level of effort to chandeliers.

Chandelier adds the perfect finishing touches to any room. Chandeliers are attention grabbers and conversation starters. Therefore, a chandelier should be chosen based on the following factors:

1) The structural design of your home or business. Are your ceilings high? You might need a longer or an adjustable chain for suspension. Can it support a heavy or large chandelier? Do you have an installation port  or a base for your chandelier? If not, you will need to hire a professional, who will let you know if an installation will interfere with existing wires that run in the ceilings.

2) Functionality of the chandelier. Do you want it to illuminate a wide area or a small area? Do you want a chandelier that can be dimmed? Will it be placed in a dark area or fairly lit area? If dark, consider a white light, but if fairly lit, consider a warmer light. However, these suggestions may be reversed if you are creating a specific ambiance.

3) Its Relationship to other furniture or decor. Are your furniture and decor filled with character, bold or well decorated? Consider a small and simple chandelier, but if it is simply decorated or has a minimal pieces, consider a large and unique piece or multiple small pieces. This will complement rather than clash with existing furniture. For a better understanding, look at the pictures below.

Minimally decorated area

Well decorated area  

 4) Your Style and Character.  Are you more:

- Contemporary- Go for the artsy or geometric designs that are black or white.

- Modern or Glam- Go for eye-catching pieces that dazzle or sparkle...basically anything that is crystal, gold , silver or has a shiny metallic finish.

Rustic- Go for the pieces that are industrial that seem raw or unfinished. A wood or rust material are ideal 

- Traditional- Go for the pieces that mimic older light fixtures from the earlier centuries with had candlesticks. 

Thank you for reading! Best of luck!